FDA Regulatory Consulting

We Help Drug Companies Navigate The FDA

As FDA regulatory consultants since 1999, PDG® is continuously engaged with FDA in meetings and negotiations on behalf of our clients. We are global in providing FDA regulatory affairs and consulting services to European, Indian and other Asian drug developers seeking a U.S. presence. Our areas of specialization include, but are not limited to:

Seeking approval to market a new drug can be comparable to navigating a complex maze. But it doesn’t have to be with help from PDG’s team of experts. Complete the form below or call 813-963-3062 and ask for Chuck Jaap to arrange your free consultation with PDG today!

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PDG Experienced Consultants

Our principal and many of our consultants have more than 35 years each of industry experience.

From identification and choice of viable candidates through Pre-IND meetings and commercialization strategies, our consultants know how to comprehensively and ideally integrate dosage forms, disease states, populations, and FDA regulatory pathways.

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