Pharmaceutical Development Group (PDG) is a subsidiary of Biotech Research Group Corporation.

Legal Support

PDG provides litigation support and research, as well as expert testimony, to the legal community for qualifying cases.

Our commitment to data-driven analyses forms the foundation for our selection of assignments. PDG staff works in partnership with members of the legal community to ensure those involved in litigation have a thorough knowledge of the scientific and regulatory matters at issue. Our solid credibility and meticulous preparation has earned trust for PDG at both FDA and in the courtroom.

PDG’s experience in pharmaceutical industry litigation includes participation in both civil and criminal cases on the state and federal level involving: contractual disputes, patent infringement, product liability, product failure, failure to warn, Lanham Act, securities, anti-trust and class action-related cases.

PDG’s expertise in litigation support services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Document review and summarization
  • Preparation of databases and regulatory chronologies
  • Analysis of safety databases
  • Maintenance of complex, technical litigation databases
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Deposition testimony
  • Trial testimony
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