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PhRMA Takes on Congress’ Proposed Changes to Medicare Part D

FiercePharma, Thursday, February 15:

“Pharma unleashes lobbying power to fight surprising—and costly—changes to Medicare Part D

Pharma only recently suffered in Congress’ shutdown-averting spending deal, which put the industry on the hook for bigger discounts in the Medicare Part D coverage gap, but its advocates in Washington are acting fast to try to reverse the damage, according to The Hill.

The drug industry has deployed lobbyists to push back against a provision in the spending bill that bumps up pharma’s financial responsibility in the Part D coverage gap to 70% from 50%, the publication reports, citing lobbyist sources.

The donut hole gap hits after patients reach $3,750 in drug spending for the year and extends until their total spending reaches about $8,400, or $5,000 out-of-pocket for patients. Under the new deal, branded drugmakers would be responsible for 70% discounts to help bridge that gap, up from a 50% discount level now.”

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